Web Software

Interactive Web Applications: Need a place to provide web-based information to your clients? TRIF.COM interactive web applications can help you get started. Our Interactive Web solutions provide you with a low cost method of providing information you have in your stand-alone or legacy systems to anyone in the world via the WWW.   We work with our clients by building as simple Web delivery template along with a method for our clients to enter the data directly on the Web or allow them to upload information from a text file, Excel or another program.    It couldn’t be simpler. We do all the technical stuff and our client just passes information along to us or enters it themselves. It is easy and effective.  When the time is right, any client can upgrade to an Integrated web application where the database the client uses for day-to-day operations is integrated with the Web for information delivery to their customer.

Mobile Web Applications: Today, it is essential that your communication goes beyond desktops. Mobile connectivity provides real-time response and has become mandatory. TRI provides custom applications for communication and collaboration. Any application we develop for desktop computing can be configured for mobile computing.

Interactive Web Applications: Working with the Internet often goes hand-in-hand with in-house client-server programs such as dispatch, freight accounting or inventory control. The Web allows our clients to provide a major service to their customers – information visibility. It is sometimes a crucial part of our clients offerings.  That is why we work with Microsoft SQL Server almost exclusively. It provides great flexibility in application design for viewing on the web. We can use standard ASP’s, SQL Reporting Services or a host of other applications so our clients’ customers can interact with our clients in real-time.  From the simplest data displays to complex information entry and update, we are in a great position to help your company move to the next level.

Static Web Development:  One of our passions is designing web sites for our clients. If you are interested in brainstorming with us on a new look for your web site or if you are interested in providing your customers we look forward to meeting with you to customize a functional and attractive web interface. Some of our latest projects are shown below.  We offer a complete services including graphic design; user interface design; internet marketing; programming; E-commerce; legacy database integration; custom application design; wireless & mobile; internet & network services; hosting; domain management, DNS services and email.