Computer Support:  It isn’t what makes us great and it is not a primary mission for our company. But it is a necessary part of what we do. It has always been our job to take the technical problems away from our clients. We let them do what they do best while we do what we do best. There is no pass-the-buck and no excuses. There are only solutions. We can’t do everything ourselves, but we will find the solution to the problem and get it fixed. That’s all we promise. We won’t stick the problem back in your lap. And that’s all our clients want – “make the problem go away.”

Network Support: Every client we have has a network of some kind or another. It might be wireless within a small office or home office, it may be spanning many buildings or it may span states and time zones.  It really makes no difference, computers must communicate with other computers. So we take it very seriously when communications are slow or even worse. We have the tools, staffing and experience to troubleshoot network issues in the office, between the office and the Internet service provider or between a client and their customer.

Internet Support: What is Internet Support? It is the support you need to make the Internet work for you. It might be as simple as a call to your local cable company. It may be as complicated at taking control of your domain that is in the hands of some company in Australia. It may include servers, networking equipment, arrangement with service providers or all of the above. We have implemented Internet solutions for more than a dozen years. We have taken control of everything along the way except the telephone poles and wires running between them.

What We Do: We handle everything. That means everything from start to finish. That includes registering domain names, managing domain name services (DNS), email services, web services, database servers and fax servers. We design and publish web sites, we write web based application software, we integrate in house software with web based information systems and we offer mobile application support as well.

Experience: Our staff has a minimum of 15 years experience working with all different types of computers and operating systems. We can build computers from the ground up and sometimes we do. We can certainly tear them down in an effort to repair the problem. The most common problems we solve are printing issues, hard disk failures, motherboard or memory issues, graphic card trouble and sometimes peripherals just don’t work whether its a hub, blue tooth, network adapter or switch. Whatever the problem, we will find the solution without emptying your pockets.