TRI was founded in 1982 as a tariff publishing company publishing tariffs for motor carriers throughout New England. The business was made possible by the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 which allowed carriers to publish and file their own tariffs with the Interstate Commerce Commission and Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. With offices next to the 1835 Town Hall at 33 Main Street, TRI began word processing with Tandy Model 12 computers running TRS-DOS and the Scripsit word processing software. It was evident that computers were going to be a major factor in the evolution of TRI.

In 1988, TRI relocated to an even older dwelling in the center of town at 9 Waushacum Avenue. The commercially zoned property with a building built in 1840 had been the home of the Davidson family since the 1940’s. The original bark covered birch and oak timbers are still a major part of the structural integrity of the building . TRI has since relocated to a more modern facility at 50 Leominster Road, Sterling, Massachusetts.

Sterling-Main-StreetOnce a prominent church in Sterling, the steepled building is now 33 Main Street. Now an office building, TRI opened its doors in 1982 in this historical building at 33 Main Street.  Although our history began in transportation and logistics, computers and the software they require has been our life-blood for more than a quarter century. With the combination of young and old, we have been able to move with the times and the technology. Keeping pace with new advances in science and technology has been a cornerstone of what TRI is all about and has helped us remain competitive through the years.

Today we enjoy offices in Sterling, Massachusetts and North Fort Myers, Florida.  We have become development partners with Microsoft, Apple, Intuit, GFI and Motorola which allows us to develop software for a wide range of devices and applications.

We look forward to the next quarter century and are excited to see the technology of the coming years.