Our Mission
A technology service provider building lasting relationships based on integrity, honor and trust.


Our Core Principles
CoreValuesTRI bases our business and product decisions on taking actions that help our customer. We use technology to enable our customers to be more successful. We do that by:

  • Never saying no – software is tool, a language, an art that can be adapted to many purposes and styles. While the answer will never be no, we can’t always promise it won’t be too expensive to say yes.
  • By being fleet of foot as we learn and adapt – technology is always changing and evolving. We must as well.
  • Not passing the buck – We believe the only way to fix a problem is to own it, and then act.
  • Listening and hearing the employees of our customers – Only by truly understanding the employee’s experience, along with the company’s goals, can we provide the ideal solution

Providing real time solutions for the real-time problems that happen with technology – Technology is no longer a nice-to-have option. For our clients, it represents a critical business utility like the phone or electricity. We must react with the urgency they expect.  Combine these principals with honor, integrity, dependability, trust and passion and you have a winning combination that not only stands up to the test of time, it triumphs.