Hosting Services: Why do we provide Hosting services? Because we know how and we can provide a better service with better response and control.

For more than 15 years we have maintained our own data-center server farms for DNS, Email, Web, Fax,  Imaging, Terminal Server and SQL Database and content.

We don’t have to. There are hundreds of companies that would gladly host all of our requirements. We Host out of convenience to us and our clients.  The advantages have far outweighed the disadvantages. The level of control we can exercise over equipment, utilization and management gives us the ability to provide true single-source results.  Our network connectivity is provided through a well designed combination of fault tolerant services.  Our staff designs and implements server programs best suited to our clients needs. There is no waste, no surplus of services provided but not used. Our clients require attention to detail and dedication of staff.  We have a minimum of 15 years experience working with all different types of Internet compliant servers and operating systems.

Cloud Computing: The use of Cloud services such as Amazon EC-2, Microsoft Global Foundation or Google Data Python are beginning to come of age.  It sometimes makes sense to look at the solutions available through the use of these Internet services.  We can help you sort out the benefits and the drawbacks.

Domain Management:  As a Network Solutions Gold VIP partner, we manage the domain names for many of our clients. Combine that with our DNS Servers, we can set up new domains and web sites fast.