We have been writing customized software applications for more than 30 years. Our talent lies in working and communicating with our clients.  Our professional staff applies these tools to best suit the application our client has in mind. We might create a stand-alone Microsoft Access program or a mission critical client-server Microsoft Access-Microsoft SQL Server multi-user application. We may link it to a web application to permit visibility world-wide.  Our applications are created with our clients, side-by-side in partnership. It is our commitment to partnering with our clients that enables us to retain and meet their objectives and support their needs on day one and after 20 years.

Web Software:  Working with the Internet often goes hand-in-hand with in-house client-server programs such as dispatch, freight accounting or inventory control. The Web allows our clients to provide a major service to their customers – information visibility. It is sometimes a crucial part of our clients offerings.  That is why we work with Microsoft SQL Server almost exclusively. It provides great flexibility in application design for viewing on the web. We can use standard ASP’s, SQL Reporting Services or a host of other applications so our clients’ customers can interact with our clients in real-time.  From the simplest data displays to complex information entry and update, we are in a great position to help your company move to the next level.

Mobile Solutions:  We love technology and we love where technology is taking us. That is why we fell in love with the iPhone. They represent the best of the best. It is why we have chosen to develop applications specifically for the iPhone and the iTouch. We love the mobility, utility, ease-of-use, functionality and wide acceptance.   It is why we developed dedicated to data integrated applications for the iPhone. Applications like time & billing-entry (we use this one ourselves), sales call

IVR Software: Although becoming less of a necessity, IVR systems are still being used to provide customers with up to the minute information and support. We have written a variety of IVR applications supporting tracking feedback as well as labor management.  IVR is an inexpensive way to provide real-time secure information through telephone touch-tone response because our applications make the connection between our custom databases with telephone answering technology.

PDT Software: Inventory Control can be a nightmare especially when item numbers are many alpha numeric digits susceptible to numerous painful errors. The only real solution is implementing a bar-code scanning system which requires operators to scan items and/or documents for accurate in and out processing. A PDT combined with a bar-code printing capability creates efficiencies and accuracies not possible with a manual transaction system.  We are particularly well positioned to service all your PDT needs including sales, service and software support.

summary, meeting request, expense log entry, lead follow-up memo, purchase order request, physical inventory.

Document Imaging: Document imaging can be integrated into our Freight Accounting or Inventory Control software.  Use either batch or desktop scanning equipment, your ease of entry into the world of document imaging need not be unpleasant or expensive. Contact us if you would like to discuss the many options available for document imaging.