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I wanted to spend a little time on the arts this month because it is a hobby of mine. Art comes into play on the job everyday whether it is preparing presentations, creating new forms, writing the newsletter or blog articles, contemplating changes to the web site or planning a new video. What better way to symbolize art than travel to the imagination of Disney and take a ride on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. My high score is 128,000 by the way. Hope you enjoy.

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April 2012

Sleep, Who Needs It?

The Power of a Logo

Dealing with Email Attachments


Welcome to News from trif.com! First time readers, I am glad you're here! Returning readers, welcome back!

Bob Jones Greetings. Welcome to our Newsletter! We wanted to share the many photo's we have taken of places, people and things throughout the country and beyond. Each month, our headline photo will be something new and different. The caption will present a small explanation. We hope you enjoy. We do not want to waste your time. Articles will contain generally less than 250 words. Please have a look and give us your feedback. By all means, forward to a friend using the link at the bottom of the Newsletter. Thanks. Questions? Send me an email by clicking my Picture!

Technology solutions are a part of doing business just like sales and marketing, It is an important component in servicing customers, managing costs and controlling operations. TRI has an uncanny ability to find affordable technology solutions for a wide variety of situations. Our capabilities bridge database design and development, Internet web-based programs, hosting and co-location services, network and computer sales and support, document imaging, bar code scanning, corporate communications, fax and email programs, mobile applications, cloud computing and help desk services. Interested in taking a step forward with technology? Looking to take advantage of the latest advances? Or just want to take advantage of your new computer?
Give us a call to discuss where you want to go - 877-253-2379 or email rmj@trif.com to discuss your opportunities. The first consultation is always without charge.

Documents Attached to Emails?

How often do you need to deal with a document that is attached to an email? We have a number of clients that have this occur many times a day. Many of them print it, scan it and attach it to a transaction in our software often throwing the print out away after scanning. Some wanted more.

For those, we have added the ability to automate the processing of these attachments. We have given them a special email address to use for forwarding these emails with attachments. They forward the email changing nothing but the subject, for that they type the transaction number associated to that document. Not a second after sending this email, the attached documents get split apart from the email and connected to that transaction. A window will then pop-up allowing the user to further mark those documents with a type (selected from a list) and a description if one is required.

Now the document is permanently connected to the transaction and can be used anytime in the future to email, fax, print, include with billing, display on a web tracking screen or merely save for future reference. The document could be a purchase order, permit, photograph, proof of delivery, contract, or any other document that needs saving. Next time you get an email with an attachment, think about how we might help you build a better way to handle it.

What is in a Logo Anyway?

This past weekend using my favorite iPad App SketchClub, I digitally sketched rock columns with an eagle flying above the highest peak. After I was done, I thought it would be a Logo Sketchgreat place for our logo to fly as well. It made me think about logo’s in general and what they can mean. So what does your logo say about your company? Interesting question which spurs different ideas in different people. To me, our logo symbolizes a great deal.

Although we have been in business for 30 years, our logo is only a few years old. I guess it took us 25 years to figure out what we stood for. Well, we certainly know that now and our logo has a lot to say.

For example, it is bird like flying, upwards which symbolizes soaring flight and being able to see the forest for the trees. It is sleek which implies that we are quick and be able to maneuver swiftly. If you look closely, you will see three dots, eyes if you will. These represent the three distinct specialties we combine into one company; design, development and support. Our logo also symbolizes movement. That is where we concentrate our resources; movement. It is the movement of people and things that takes up most of our attention. Where is that driver, where is that trailer, where is that carton, we build systems to know the answers to these questions and understand all the necessary components of why, when and how much. So when you look at our logo, I hope you see more now than before. What does your logo say?

By the way, you can see more of my digital sketches on SketchClub. You can also click here to look at other images of TRI.


Why is Sleep So Important?

There is some evidence that sleep is our time for problem solving. Regardless of the arena, emotional, relationship, job or money, sleep will improve your Sleepchances of solving a problem. However, it is REM sleep that allows your brain to ferret out solutions. REM sleep usually kicks in about 90 minutes after you fall asleep.

During REM sleep, your brain kicks into high-gear and begins to multitask. Instead of conscious awareness and focusing on one subject at a time (like we try to do when we are awake), the brain in REM sleep goes into overdrive. It allows random images and thoughts to flow in fleeting bursts of free association. They travel in a bidirectional stream between your left and right brain. When you are awake, it is a one way street. In REM, ideas flow freely left to right, right to left. This is how creativity comes into play in seeking out solutions.

The brain will also concentrate on those problems that have the greatest impact during waking hours in an attempt to resolve your biggest problems. The key to problem solving and creativity is uninterrupted sleep and lots of it. Good luck! You can read more about this in Time Magazines April 23rd issue.

If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.


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