August 2011

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Being Open Hearted
Asset Management
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Technology solutions are a part of doing business just like sales and marketing,  It is an integral component in servicing customers, managing costs and controlling operations.  has an uncanny ability to find affordable technology solutions for a wide variety of situations. Our capabilities bridge database design and development,  Internet web-based programs, hosting and co-location services, network and computer sales and support, document imaging, bar code scanning, corporate communications, fax and email programs, mobile applications, cloud computing and help desk services.   Interested in taking a step forward with  technology?   Looking to take advantage of the latest advances?  Just want to take advantage of your new computer?   
Small or large, simple or complex, give us a call to discuss where you want to go.  The first consultation is always without charge. Call us at 877-253-2379 or email to discuss your opportunities.
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Like to listen to Books?
I wrote about this last month.  If you missed it, click here.
It is a very powerful tool and worth your review. Click below to set up a free account.
Audible is an Amazon company that provides  books which can be downloaded to your MP3 player, computer, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry or Kindle.  Yes Kindle.  And not just books.  Podcasts, newspapers (like the Wall Street Journal), magazines, radio, TV and original content.  Type in a keyword and then sort the results by best sellers, customer rating, release date, length, price, author or title.
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Being Open Hearted 

Warren Grossman suggested that being open-hearted is a means of personal conduct that is learnable, natural, and cost-free. Here is how to open your heart: Sit or stand quietly and pat your chest so you can feel the sensations of your chest. Lay both of your hands on your chest. Close your eyes and pay attention to the sensations. When you lose track of these feelings, stop and move around a bit.  Your task is to feel the sensations of your chest. There is no correct length of time to practice--a minute or two is plenty at first. Struggling to endure will not help. Never do this unless you want to. Never do it when you are tired, angry, or frightened.

If you perform this practice several times a day, you will soon experience physical and emotional benefits. You will feel calm, quiet, and optimistic. It will become a favorite thing for you to do.

Kristin Neff wrote a book on Self Compassion (Stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind) and suggests that compassion should begin within yourself and then you can share it with those around you. Opening your heart is the beginning.

Technology Asset Management


For quite a while, we have dealt with keeping track of systems, software, users and security in a variety of ways.  It has plagued us because it can get really complicated.  But we needed some place to keep this information that was secure, complete, centralized and easy to navigate.  Well there wasn't one packaged software program that handled the problem so we did what we ask our clients to do.  Ask for what you need. 

We sat down one day in an informal meeting and brainstormed what we need to keep track of and how all the pieces of information are inter-related.  We came up with a comprehensive asset management data structure that handles our dilemma without being overly complicated.  Basically, there are three components; assets, software and users. There are a variety of attributes for each like brand, model, memory, disk size, and more for asset.  We have brand, version, licenses, date purchased, and more for software.  And for users, we have name, email, username, password and more.

Now that we have a system, compiling the data is a reachable task.  At last.


Let us know if you need something similar.


Meet Our Team


It has been a long time since we brought anyone new into our little tribe here at TRI. In fact, it has been fourteen years. Well, times, they are a changing.  

Please help me welcome Nick Whalen who joined TRI in July.  Nick is helping us on many fronts including readying iPad apps for the Apple AppStore and working with Microsoft Access and SQL Server helping develop our Asset Management application.  

We thought it would be a good idea to show you some faces.Nick joins the team of Bob Jones Sr., President, Bob Jones Jr., VP and Lead Programmer and Joe Brochu, IT Manager. Both Bob Jr. and Joe have been with TRI since 1997.

From Left; Bob Jones Jr., Joe Brochu, Nick Whalen


Welcome to the team Nick!



If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note.  If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.

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