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May 2017


Technology Modernization


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UberConference is a free feature-rich teleconferencing system. It includes conferences for up to 10 participants, screen and document sharing, call recording and mobile access.  UberConference offers two account types: Free and Business. Business will get you calls with up to 100 participants, custom call-in numbers, analytics, no advertising, international calls and a team portal. Also integration with popular online software, like dialing into Google Hangouts, starting calls from Gmail and conferencing from your desktop with Google Chrome Apps.

UberConference allows you to access participants' social information in-conference by linking your social accounts. You can connect to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ in the “Link Accounts” section of your profile.


  • Custom Hold Music (business account)
  • Mute, text, chat
  • Document Sharing
  • Conference call summary & statistics
  • Dial Out to add new callers (business account)
  • Visual conference call to show you who is talking
  • Integrated Social Media profiles
  • Mobile Apple and Android Apps
  • Optional use of Pin numbers
  • Record Calls (free)
  • Screen Sharing
  • Instant or Scheduled conference calls

Our capabilities bridge database design and development, Internet services, network and computer sales and support, document imaging, bar code scanning, corporate communications, fax and email programs, mobile applications, cloud computing and help desk services.

Interested in taking a step forward with technology? Looking to take advantage of the latest advances? Or just want to take advantage of your new computer?

Email me at The first consultation is always without charge.

Technology Modernization Fund

If you read the Bill HR 227 and take it at face value, it reinforces the notion the bigger the machine, the harder to maintain. It applies not only to government, but many large corporations, hospitals and financial institutions. The Bill states that 75% of the annual IT Budget is spent on operating and maintaining legacy systems.  It stated: “These systems also pose security risks, including the inability to use current security best practices, such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication, making these systems particularly vulnerable to malicious cyber activity.”

The Bill requests $500 Million (down from 3 billion) to fund technology modernization. If you are interested in Government Spending, spend some time with USA Spending.

What is our take-away? It pays to be ‘fleet of foot’ when it comes to technology. A small footprint is frequently better because it is easier to change, manage and upgrade. Limiting the quantity and complexity of software programs along with servers, switches, printers, scanners and Internet connections improves your ability to stay up to date, secure and in control.

TRI is a

Specializing in deploying


Teleworkers have been found to be upwards of 40% more productive than their office-based counterparts but managers still don't feel comfortable according to, an information resource for federal technology. Keep in mind, teleworkers don't necessarily work full-time away from the office, it is often a shared environment.

Teleworking can be done anywhere, costs less money (for employer and employee), improves staff morale, reduces sickness rates, enhances available talent, reduces employee attrition and it’s better for the environment.

According to a government study, teleworking allowed IBM to slash real estate costs by $50 million and saves Sun Microsystems $68 million a year. JD Edwards teleworkers are 20-25% more productive than their office-based counterparts. America Express found their staff were 43% more productive. The American Management Association found organizations that implemented a telework program realized an average unscheduled absence reduction of 63%.

A report at shows an increase in teleworkers of 51% since 2005 with an estimated 3.7 million workers in 2014. Gallop reports teleworkers has climbed from 9% in 1995 to 37% in 2015.

The greatest barrier to teleworking is security. In the old world, data security was focused on keeping out unwanted intruders. Powerful firewalls, antispam and antivirus software, content filtering, and authentication solutions regulate access and provide protection.

Let us know if you are interested in promoting teleworkers or learn more about preparing for teleworkers.


Independent guide to implementing electronic logging devices. Available in paperback or PDF instant Download


Nuts and Bolts

Searching for emails in Outlook can be tough, but remembering these keywords will help.  Using these keywords in your search box will help filter the results and help make Outlook more valuable. Using keyword from: to find all emails from a particular person; Using keyword to: to find all emails to a certain person; Using keyword Received: to find emails received on a particular date; Using keyword Sent:strong> to fine emails sent on a particular date; Using quotes to be very specific in spelling. Also note that you can select Current Folder (only current folder email) or Current Mailbox (all email)


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