I never tire of the colors of fall. Somehow they are inspirational and bring us all closer to nature and ease us into the blandness of winter. I always hope that it is enough to get us through. The photo above, taken the fall of 2013 in Sterling, Massachusetts, is hypnotic and beautiful all at the same time. 

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Windows 8.1

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RFID (radio frequency identification) has come of age

I recently traveled to Disney World to research and evaluate Radio Frequency Identification bands and rfidcards now in use in the most popular vacation destination in the world.  I wanted to learn certain things about the use, functionality,  benefit, drawback, privacy implications and security. 

Disney has armed these bracelets with RFID transmitters.  The bracelets are waterproof, heat resistant and reasonable comfortable.  They can be read by touching a sensor found everywhere around the parks and resorts providing access to your room, priority access to rides and attractions  and authorization to purchase goods at stores and restaurants (a pin code is required for financial transactions).  I found them to be a very convenient way to validate your identity.

What I soon realized is the RFID bracelets would be nothing without the software that creates a unique experience for every guest.  It is the software and associated encrypted database that manages all users, their purchase power, room access, restaurant reservations, ride and attraction reservations and over-all experience.  This massive software application is available on the web or in Apps available for iPhones and other mobile devices. Linked with the excellent Disney Wi-Fi which is now available free of charge throughout all resorts, rooms and parks, the App is a handy tool to help you schedule your time.  It can be used to reserve “fast-pass” access to up to 3 rides and attractions in any park on any day of your stay.  It can be used to check your meal reservations. It can schedule your time for you and your entire party.  It is the software that makes this little device so helpful.  All-in-all, I found the RFID bracelet and software to be a home run on a grand scale.  It helped make our time at Disney more rewarding and relaxing than ever before.

Does it sound like Big-Brother to you?  It does and it is. MagicBands can also be read by long-range readers located at Walt Disney World Resort. So, yes, Mickey knows where you are at all times.  Of course this can be used to better serve you and it can be used to provide better security as well.  I would also guess that Disney analyzes the use, both  generally and specifically, of stores, restrooms, seating areas, transportation, attractions and rides.  It is for you to decide whether this is at all disconcerting. (Photo courtesy of Disney)


I Am

I felt fortunate to have seen a documentary by Tom Shadyac a few weeks ago. I am always on the lookout for good news, I AMinspiring information and new science to support it.

I first came across his name as the Executive Producer of a 2011 documentary called Happy which highlighted the fact that Happiness stems not from possessions, wealth or success but rather from it is people, families, friends, camaraderie and love that makes us truly happy. Tom Shadyac, born in 1958 was the Producer and Director of such movies as Bruce Almighty, Patch Adams, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar and more.

The documentary I AM (available free on Netflix or for $3.99 on Amazon Instant Video) explains that our society has been operating under the wrong pretense for quite a long time. Although we have been molded for economic competition and success, success does not bequeath to us happiness. In fact, and supported by some scientific evidence, our DNA predisposes us to compassion, community, cooperation and collaboration. It is in our nature. (photo courtesy of IMDB)



Windows 8.1

Although this is generally a fix release, it does provide some important improvements:

  • Variable, Continuous Size of Snap Views; You have more ways to see multiple Apps on the screen at once. When displaying multiple Apps at once, you can easily resize the width of the App window to suit your needs. Depending on screen size and resolution, you can even share the screen with three, or four Apps on each monitor.
  • Boot to Desktop; You can now configure Windows 8.1 to boot directly to the desktop after login.
  • Desktop and Start Screen; Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications.
  • Improved Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer 11 improvements include faster page load times, side-by-side browsing of your sites, enhanced pinned site notifications, and App settings like favorites, tabs and settings sync across all your Windows 8.1 PCs. Internet Explorer 11 now includes capability that enables an antimalware solution to scan the input for a binary extension before it’s passed onto the extension for execution
  • Broadband Tethering; Turn your Windows 8.1 mobile broadband-enabled PC or tablet into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing other devices to connect and access the internet.
  • Wi-Fi Direct Printing; Connect to Wi-Fi Direct printers without adding additional drivers or software on your Windows 8.1 device, forming a peer-to-peer network between your device and the printer.
  • Automatic Apps updating

Note that there are differences between Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro. If at all possible, stay with Windows 8.1 Pro.


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