As many of you know, I returned from Alaska mid-September. It has taken me this long to try and find the words to describe what I saw, how I felt, and how it has changed me. Above, see for yourself, what appears to be giant blue sapphires are really chunks of glacier ice. Forged over countless millennium and more beautiful than any diamond. I will never forget these jewels, these drifting giants. In total quiet they ride the current until another explosion is heard in the distance echoing throughout the fjord. Another blue gem has been born.

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Microsoft Update

Stop Procrastinating

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Alaska, Sweet Alaska

This brief article only begins to speak to the grandeur, the unending natural beauty, the seemingly untouched coastline, the Foggygrand scale of Alaska. There are 33,000 miles of coast line in southeast Alaska much of which is untouched. It was a rare gift to have been able to be a momentary visitor.

Our voyage included stops in Skagway, Ketchikan, Juneau, Tracy Arms, Misty Fjords and more. I am hard-pressed to come up with the words to describe the scope and depth of the natural beauty I had the privilege of seeing. With my camera in hand, I attempted to record my experience. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can see more of my pictures to Vancouver and Alaska by clicking the photo.I quickly conceded that I would never be able to capture the 360 degree beauty mile after mile, day after day.

It wasn’t the exciting things we did, the zip-lining nor the float plane at 6,000 feet. It wasn’t even the dozen whales we saw breathing and diving, breathing and diving. It wasn’t the island chock full of sea lions for their annual mating season gathering. It was the sheer and utter peace and serenity that seemed to go on forever. Whether we were basking in sunshine or bathed by the dense fog, the beauty was always breathtaking. The quiet. The whisper of nature. It makes me well up. I reconciled myself to knowing the experience would have to live on forever in my mind’s eye.


Microsoft Update



As a Microsoft Cloud Partner and member of the Microsoft SMB Champions Club, I was invited to Microsoft in Cambridge for a day-long session on what is coming. Here are just a few notable items I wanted to report:

    • Office 365 Exchange Online mailboxes have been increased from 25gb to 50gb.
    • Office Pro Plus is now the standard for small businesses
    • SkyDrive Pro increased to 25gb
    • A new push for Office Anywhere including Office Mobile for iPhone
    • is getting integrated as THE business social media connection
    • Lync Voice is getting better and better. Stay tuned!
    • Skype (now owned by Microsoft) Business Services are being introduced
    • Introducing Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) for Office 365.
    • Microsoft BI is getting integrated into all Office and SharePoint applications.
    • New tag line; Bring Your Data To Life!
    • Power Map integrates with Office. Create awesome geographic data maps using your data

There is a lot to learn hear which is why TRI is moving fast to become certified in the new Office 365 applications including the new Microsoft BI. We really like the pricing models, flexibility, product offerings and power of Office365. For more information or to start your own free trial, go to http:/ For a free trial, click here.



I Know What To Do, I’m Just Not Doing It

Does this resonate? My friend, colleague, and awesome life and business coach, Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is offering a free educational call on Procrastinationbusting through procrastination. I work with Sarah as a coach and have participated in many of Sarah’s programs. I think I am like a lot of people. I sometimes get stuck in a rut and don’t know I am stuck until something or someone pry’s me loose. Speaking from first hand knowledge, Sarah can help you out of a rut with grace, patience and unending focus.

This program is designed for everyone; artist, professional, entrepreneur or parent – no matter what part of the life cycle you’re in. This program might just be what you need and now might just be the perfect time. I Know What to Do, I’m Just Not Doing It: 5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination is a perfect investment of your time! I know this mini-course has enabled overly-busy people to go from being stressed-out and worn-down to learning how to become happier, more productive, and more successful.

Learning how to enjoy abundant time and balanced living can be a real struggle? Sarah is a master at helping smart creative people do more of what they want by helping them gain control of their time and their tasks. I know that this call will be informative, but if you let it, it just might be inspirational and life-changing. I'll 'see' you there!

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