Yes, as you are reading this newsletter, I am in search of some more great photos in the desert. Specifically Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is a 1,234 square mile area originally set aside in 1936 by FDR as Joshua Tree National Monument. 825,000 acres were set aside. In 1950 it was reduced to 560,000 acres but in 1994, 234,000 acres were restored and it became Joshua Tree National Park. The park is home to the Mojave Desert which is considered a high desert and a bit cooler than the lower desert. Most popular time to visit Joshua Tree National Park? April. See you on the other side of winter.

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April 2013


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Change at TRI

Welcome to News from! First time readers, I am glad you're here! Returning readers, welcome back!

Greetings. Welcome to our Newsletter! We wanted to share the many photos we have taken of places, people and things throughout the country and beyond. Each month, our headline photo will be something new and different. The caption will present a small explanation. We hope you enjoy. We do not want to waste your time. Articles will contain generally less than 250 words. Please have a look and give us your feedback. By all means, forward to a friend using the link at the bottom of the Newsletter. Thanks. Questions? Send me an email!


Technology solutions are a part of doing business just like sales and marketing, It is an important component in servicing customers, managing costs and controlling operations. TRI has an uncanny ability to find affordable technology solutions for a wide variety of situations. Our capabilities bridge database design and development, Internet web-based programs, hosting and co-location services, network and computer sales and support, document imaging, bar code scanning, corporate communications, fax and email programs, mobile applications, cloud computing and help desk services. Interested in taking a step forward with technology? Looking to take advantage of the latest advances? Or just want to take advantage of your new computer?
Give us a call to discuss where you want to go - 978-422-7770 or email to discuss your opportunities. The first consultation is always without charge.

Lync Update

We have discarded our office telephones. 

As some of you know, we have been playing with VoIP for a few years now. We first broke from Verizon and AT&T by going with Lync8x8 using Comcast Internet.  We gained services and reduced costs.  It is an acceptable service and worked for us for more than a year.  This year, we changed to Microsoft Lync which is part of their unified communication platform.  Lync runs on your computer, tablet and  iPad. However there is no real functionality on the iPad.  On a Windows device, you can:

  • make calls,
  • listen to voice mail,
  • receive a transcript of a voice mails sent via email,
  • review call history,
  • connect to Outlook contacts,
  • dial numbers found on web sites  with a single click
  • see the status of other Lync users,
  • set up telephone and video conferences,
  • share your desktop with teleconference participants,
  • forward office calls to your mobile phone or voice mail or a delegate,
  • instant message other Lync users.

We did not have to give up our phones, we chose to.  Lync is a complete solution if you are communicating with other Lync users.  When you need to cross-over to land line or mobile connections, add video conferencing and other unified communications features, you need the help of a UCOIP partner (unified communications open interoperability program).  We can help you get started.



In 2004, a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative works and personal moments founded Based in New York City, Vimeo, more than YouTube, provides a cloud service designed for video as an art rather than just a social avenue. You can add free or inexpensive music to your videos, take lessons in making better videos through the Vimeo video school, participate in a Vimeo project or jump to the other side and help up and coming video producers by critiquing  their creations.

You can spend hours playing Vimeo videos randomly or watching staff picks. Some are delicious (watch Rogue), some are emotional (watch Full Moon Sillouettes), some introduce new products (watch The Invisible Bicycle Helmet), some are pure advertising (watch L'Oreal Gold), some are incredibly  amazing (watch Flux), some are musical (watch Stand by Me).

If you are looking to be inspired, search inspire on Vimeo and sit back, turn up the sound and watch in awe.



A Change at TRI

For 16 years, Joe Brochu has been lead IT Support for TRI and our clients. Joe recently took the giant plunge and began his own company, JB Systems. Joe will continue to specialize in IT Support. He is a Microsoft MCP and extremely qualified. Joe continues to work with us, especially on projects in which he is intimately involved.   

Joe has been part of our family and we a part of his since 1997. Through those years, we have been through a lot, personally and professionally.  We have great respect for his abilities but even more for him as a human being. Through his experiences in life, some as hard as they get, he has proven time and again to persevere and to be a great friend, a great father, and a great citizen.

Although there will be new faces at TRI, Joe has been such big part of our organization we don’t see him leaving, just changing offices.  You will continue to see Joe around supporting us and our clients, but join me is wishing him the best possible luck with his new endeavor. We know he will do well, but good luck will surely be needed along the way. 


If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.


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