This is a photo taken in Cabo San Lucas at sunrise at the southern most point of Baja California. Cabo lies at the same latitude as Hawaii. On the easterly side of these mountains lies Lover's Beach where the water is warm and calm. Just a stroll through an opening in the mountain to the Pacific side is Divorce Beach, known for its deathly undertow and large crashing waves. Cabo is the port of call for more than 400 cruise ships every year. It is here where I go to get away. I am here now.

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October 2012

The Art of Software

iPhone 5


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The Art of Software

Every once in a while, I think about why we do what we do - create software that is. It's hard work, takes extraordinary patience, Struggletaxes our creative psyche and requires an inordinate amount of concentration. It is similar to an athlete finding the strength, will and determination to attain extraordinary height, speed or distance. It is often an ongoing uphill struggle that requires the endurance and cooperation of all those that are touched by the project.

So why do it?

For a couple reasons that have nothing at all to do with computers or technology. Reasons that have driven us for 30 years and continue to drive us still. Simply put, we need to create and collaborate. Like an artist paints a canvas, like a teacher guides a class, like a community leader rallies support, we have a desire to craft something and a need to partner with those that will benefit from what together we create.

It isn't just a liking. It is a devotion, a calling, a passion. It is why we persist, why we stay the course to the end.  And it is not our end we seek, it is the end sought by those we serve. Often a moving target, often never to be reached. We hang on and endure hoping to paint a painting never before seen so that it might be enjoyed by those with whom we have collaborated for so long - our friends.  When we reach that goal, when we have finished the painting, we beam with pride and fulfillment.  Please let us know if you would like to help us create our next painting.

iPhone 5

With 2 million iPhone 5’s sold in the first 24 hours of launch, it isn’t surprising that there is a great deal of hype, twittering and hoopla surrounding this new formidable device.  Yes, thankfully you can still have a phone conversation with the iPhone 5.  But alas, there is much more to it.  Here is the short list:

- It is lighter than the 4 (lighter than any iPhone ever)

- It is thinner than the 4

- Glass strips on top and bottom protect the antenna signal

- Larger 4” display, 1136x640 pixel resolution for a true widescreen feel

- Louder stereo speakers with better quality

- Improved processor for faster response

- Improved video stabilization

- Upgraded front camera improving FaceTime conversations

- Fast panorama mode photography

- Also, Apple maps replaces Google maps. This has gotten a lot of bad press, but at first glance, I really like the improvement. 3D maps are very cool and the TomTom routing worked well in my tests.

But is it worth switching from the iPhone 4s now?  Not really.  The new iOS 6  provides all the new software features available in the iPhone 5, so it is the thinner sleek look and feel and larger display that are driving the move to the 5.  I will await the rumored iPad Mini or the Microsoft Surface Tablet.


Internet Television is a Contender!

I am not looking to necessarily replace Comcast or give my DVD player the heave-ho, but this little device gives them a real run for the money.  For around $50 one-time purchase price and an Internet connection and a TV, you get an incredible feature rich media server. Roku is a great  streaming player and certainly the most popular.  What does that mean?  It will act as a hub for Internet TV and Video streaming connecting your Internet connection to your TV.  There are countless, literally countless stations available – enough to please any interest. There are the standards like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, TED, Disney, CNBC, NBC News, Fox News, Showtime, etc.  There is also the ability to link your Roku with your Facebook, Flickr, Pandora, Picasa, Vimeo or Shutterfly. 

Then there are the less popular channels.  For example, I enjoy Koi TV which provides content from Oregon State University on the care of Koi fish.  Mitt Romney might enjoy the Mormon Channel. If you are into Yoga, there are a number of Yoga channels providing free instruction. Pilates is also available.

Travel to worlds you have yet to discover. Nepal TV takes you to Nepal. TelAfric will take you to Africa. Maybe you are interested in Argentina. If so, ViaArgentina is for you. Don’t worry if you are interested in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Malaysia, Korea, Honduras, Italy or Germany, there is a station for you as well.

Sports, endless options exist. Video Podcasts? Yes,Roku is a real contender in providing streaming video. Have a look.

If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.


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