I recently went back to bike riding and try to spend every morning riding for a few miles. The picture above is one of the many picturesque views along one of my routes. The property (for the most part) is owned by the State of Massachusetts and is part of the Poutwater Pond Wildlife Management Area. An area about 378 acres in and around the towns of Sterling, Holden and Princeton. It is part of the 21,028 acres owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Water Supply Protection known as the Wachusett Reservoir Watershed. You will see this hill heading north towards Princeton on Mason Road in Holden.

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Technology solutions are a part of doing business just like sales and marketing, It is an important component in servicing customers, managing costs and controlling operations. TRI has an uncanny ability to find affordable technology solutions for a wide variety of situations. Our capabilities bridge database design and development, Internet web-based programs, hosting and co-location services, network and computer sales and support, document imaging, bar code scanning, corporate communications, fax and email programs, mobile applications, cloud computing and help desk services. Interested in taking a step forward with technology? Looking to take advantage of the latest advances? Or just want to take advantage of your new computer?
Give us a call to discuss where you want to go - 877-253-2379 or email rmj@trif.com to discuss your opportunities. The first consultation is always without charge.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks On-Line

One of the many applications with which we integrate data is QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Many of our clients use QuickBooks for their accounting. These same clients use our software for operations and invoicing and QuickBooks for accounts payable, general ledger and financial statements. Some clients enter daily accounts receivable totals into QuickBooks, some prefer to have all their invoices posted to QuickBooks.

We create a link to QuickBooks or QuickBooks OnLine enabling them to post individual transactions and automatically create new customers when necessary. We also provide views into QuickBooks information for special reports, special calculations, plus restricted views to sensitive information. We can relate information from our operational software (like a driver or a salesman) with information in QuickBooks (like an invoice) to provide accounting information relating to that person such as total billing, total amount owing, total cash received, etc. This opens up many possibilities for additional capabilities QuickBooks was not designed to handle.

If you use QuickBooks, think about the things you do manually (that includes using a spreadsheet) because QuickBooks software doesn't handle something particular to your business, consider talking with us about creating a better solution.

What Can a 3-footed Squirrel Teach Us?

SquirrelPlenty! This little guy lost his rear right foot in a battle with something other than me. You would think that would give him pause to cross a 75' cable 20 feet in the air. Nay Nay! He climbs a tree close to the house and onto the roof. He travels the roof peak finding his way to one end of the high-wire and slowly descends onto the wire heading for a caged block of feed intended for Downey woodpeckers and feathered friends.

Why is this newsworthy? Because this squirrel, this 3-footed furry rodent is the only animal who has taken the risk and dared to walk this high-wire originally constructed to thwart black bear, gray squirrel, red squirrel and chip monks. It was this 3-footed demon that even after jumping into space unknown and falling to the ground more than a dozen times who still ventured forth persistent to reach his goal and bent on success. It taught me a lesson in determination and perseverance. Somehow I feel I should reward this mangy animal for conveying these values to me - again. per-se-ver-ance . n. Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness.


Voice Over IP - VoIP

For a while now, I have been talking to people about the service that we use for hosted telephone, voice and fax. We use 8x8, Inc. It is one of the highest rated voice over IP services available and provides some great features.

They provide telephone service over the Internet. It makes no difference who provides you Internet access, 8x8 will test and determine if your Internet connection is capable of handling voice over IP. With VoIP through 8x8, you are connected with your virtual office no matter where you are. You can run an 8x8 App on your iPhone or iPad and turn it into a phone using WiFi. You can have your office phone ring through to your Mobile. You can Fax from anywhere. You get immediate playable messages emailed to you whenever a message is received.

With all the services you would expect with telephone service you are also provided conference calling, online telephone and computer meetings, video conferencing, call recording, wireless headsets and web access to your virtual office and configuration. There are no big systems to be installed. No PBX. No special wiring. All you need are 8x8 phones connected to the Internet with your standard Cat5 cable just like a computer.

Take a look at their services at 8x8.com. Let us know if you would like more information and by all means, don't be too quick to sign a contract, you may be buying more services than you really need.

If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.


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