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Over the last few weeks, I have spent some time on the waterfront of Boston Harbor. From the North End to South Boston and out in the harbor. There are so many beautiful photos to choose from. How things have changed. It is truly a site for sore eyes. The Boston Harbor Association and the City of Boston have done some wonderful things in the past few years since the big dig was completed. Take some time this summer and see the sites, walk the walks, share the beauty.

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Playing with Money

Boston Harborwalk

Three Monitors

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Playing with Money

In transportation, there are a lot of ways you can pay drivers, direct deposit and Comcheck are frequently Moneyused by service providers.  In a recent application we developed, dispersing money was a key requirement.  We needed our operations software to tender funds to drivers instantly. We needed to accommodate advances as well as payments and it needed to be done using the services of both Comdata (Comcheck) and our client's bank. 

We handled the challenge by creating software that allowed operations managers to advance funds by electronical bank check through the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) deposited directly into the drivers personal account or by Comdata refilling a fuel card or making a Comcheck advance available.  Our software can issue ACH tenders directly to the bank or read an automatic data feed from Comdata.  The information flow is fast and automatic. 

Most important, all information feeds directly into our operation software and specifically the driver ledgers which maintain all credits and debits applying to each driver. For more information about playing with money, send an email to rmj@trif.com.


Boston Harborwalk

It has been years since I spent any time along the waterfront in South Boston especially FanPieraround Northern Avenue.  Decades ago, in a prior life, I worked on the Army Base on Summer Street and ate at Jimmy’s Harborside and Jimbo’s with some frequency.  It was a run-down area with refrigerated trucks racing up and down the beat up cobblestone road.  The Army Base is gone or transformed I should say (now Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and the Boston Design Center) and the whole area is now a wonderful attraction. From Fan Pier to the Boston Marine Industrial Park and on to Castle Island -- it is yet another shining star of Boston.

The Harborwalk of Boston, with nearly 39 miles of public access walkways (now open) is a beautiful place to spend the sunny days of summer.  Eventually, 47 miles will be open to the public from Deer Island to East Boston, around Charlestown, Downtown Boston and on to South Boston and Dorchester. Filled with parks, pavilions, boardwalks, docks, shopping, cafe's, restaurants, entertainment and a glorious view, it is a wonderful walk. 

Take a 45 minute harbor cruise from Long Wharf and you can be dropped off in Charlestown and walk back or catch the next boat, as you wish.  Enjoy this summer!  Spend some time in Boston. It is honestly one of the very best cities in America. For more information, here are a couple of links of interest for the Boston Harbor Walk and The Boston Harbor Association. Have fun!


Are Three Monitors Better than One?

I have been working with 3 monitors for almost a year and I can say emphatically YES!. 

If you do monitorsany of these things, consider adding a 2nd or a 3rd monitor to your desktop: multi-task, search for pictures, use email like it was texting or need to reference multiple things at the same time. You will find you print things much less often which is a very good thing.  The mouse slides smoothly from left to the right monitor as if it was a single screen.  Many applications will span monitors as you can see in the picture above. 

A browser window of images will seamlessly stretch across all monitors and allow you to scroll as you normally would.  Windows explorer will also span monitors which is great when you are looking for that one photo you took in the summer of '93.

I warn you, once you go to three monitors, using one for anything other than play becomes almost painful. If you want more information on setting up monitors side-by-side, please let us know.

If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.


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