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The black swan is a creature rare and beautiful. The swan symbolizes bonding and love of course, but also spreading our wings and taking flight. In our dreams a white swan is considered cleansing, even purifying. The black swan indicates deep mysteries within us and a longing to express ourselves creatively. I like to think of the black swan as a symbol for taking a different road, the road less travelled, yet remain steadfast on the power of long lasting relationships.

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October 2011

Jobs Coming to America


Talk About Legacy


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Jobs Coming to America?

It seems that the hourly wages in China have more than doubled in the last 5 years. It also seems that marine fuel prices have almost tripled in the last 2 years. So what does this mean? It means that even with our hourly wages here in America, when you adjust for the increased productivity and better distribution, it is becoming attractive to bring jobs back to America. It may not be a trend that is sweeping the nation, but if companies look closely at the costs of manufacturing in China and compare that to alternatives here in the States, there is a distinct possibility that manufacturing may return.

Time magazine (October 10, 2011) spolights Jarden Corp., Rye, New York. This company may not ring a bell, but it took over the ailing likes of Sunbeam, and Coleman. Jarden looks very closely at manufacturing costs and adjusts accordingly. If, in the big picture, it saves money to bring manufacturing back to America, it does.

This all makes sense as the world economy begins to balance itself. Good luck America!

A Great Personal iApplication

You don't need an iPhone or an iPad to find this application useful. is just about the easiest application I have Pageoncefound to create an overview of your financial position. That includes your bank accounts, checking and savings, your credit card accounts, your online payment accounts like PayPal and even your investment accounts. On one screen of your iPhone, it tells you your current available cash from all your accounts, payments that are due, your total debt and the total of your investments. This is your dashboard. Click on your cash and you will see what accounts that cash is in. Click on payments due and it will show you upcoming payments.

It takes a little work to load all your access information, but once entered, it is really easy to use. Some of you may be concerned about security, take a look at the FAQ's that address many of these issues.



Talk About Legacy

A great deal has been said about Steve Jobs since his death. This week, Walter Isaacson gives us an entire book about the man. So why am I Steve Jobsadding my 2-cents? Because as I look around this world for people to admire, I am saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs. In his very short lifetime he conquered, and I mean CONQUERED, computers, music, animation, telephones, tablets and digital publishing. That doesn't even take into account that he was ousted from this company called Apple and came back to make it the most valuable company in the world - not the country, the world.

Was he tenacious, sure. Did he have a big ego, no doubt. Did he make some enemies along the way, I think so. He was a man loved and hated, but intensely admired. What a legacy , what an ocean of imagination he leaves in his wake.

We have a void. Who next will step up to the plate? What will that imagination look like.

If any of the information here is of interest to you, please drop us a note. If you would like to see specific information on technology issues that affect you and your business, please let us know.

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