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WordPress has become the standard in web-based site development for a very simple reason, it can be edited on the web instead of using advanced web development tools like Adobe Dreamweaver.  We have used WordPress for a number of years for our blog, but now have decided to use it for our web site as well. As we move further and further into the cloud, WordPress affords us the flexibility to develop on the web for the web. It will allow us to be more current and timely.  It will allow us to be more content oriented because afetr all, WordPress is a content management system first and foremost.With WordPress, we can use images, photos, referenced documents and other media to embed into the site to make the information more valuableto our clients and our prospects.

A Team Meeting
A Team Meeting

It will also help make our site more personal because we believe business is personal.  Our business is based on personal relationships that have been strengthened over many years of working closely together.  We believe that using WordPress will allow our website interact with our clients in a more personal way. we hope you enjoy the new look and feel of www.trif.com and get value from the insights we make available.

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